General Hospital Spoilers: Wednesday, January 25

General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday 1/25/23

Here’s a sneak peek Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital (Weekdays on ABC, Weeknights on Hulu) complete with spoilers directly from the source- the ABC network’s episode listings. Find out what to expect on GH each day with a General Hospital Spoilers post for the following episode. Who’s in Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital? Before I…Read more

General Hospital Spoilers For Monday January 23, 2023

Here’s a rundown of the spoilers for Monday’s episode, courtesy of the episode description sent out by ABC. Enjoy my helpful graphic with everybody that Monday’s episode description mentions. There’s also a list below. Here’s the official episode description for Monday January 23, 2023 Monday January 23, 2023 Nikolas asks for Laura’s support. Spencer surprises…Read more

What You Need to Know: ‘General Hospital’ Has Higher Ratings Than ‘GMA3’ But Way Less Support From ABC

GMA3 gets the full promotional push from ABC while General Hospital spends its 60th anniversary being ignored- even though the soap opera pulls in more viewers. Sure GMA3 seems like the hottest show on daytime television with all the buzz it’s been getting. The affair between Amy Robach and TJ Holmes has drawn much attention…Read more

In Less Than 6 Months, Tabyana Ali Has Become The Heroine Of ‘General Hospital’

Tabyana Ali’s The Heroine On General Hospital– And It Hasn’t Even Been Six Months! Soap opera fans can be incredibly loyal, as evidenced by continuing to watch a soap daily for decades on end. These fans can be the brutal critics as well- especially towards unfamiliar faces gracing their television screen. Actors playing new characters…Read more

‘General Hospital’ Recap 7/6/22 Part 1: From Homeless To Horsemate

'General Hospital' Episode Recap: From Homeless To Horse's Housemate

In Wednesday’s episode of ABC’s ‘General Hospital’, Michael and Willow add horses to their list of approved non-Wiley-related conversation topics. Cody goes from Dante’s couch to Quartermaine’s stable (it’s still an upgrade, that horse’s house is sick), and Britt suffers more indignity. And that’s just the first part of this episode recap.