Carly and Jason… Unholy Union?

I personally think the whole Jarly thing is cute, in a warped way. I know some fans think it’s an unholy union. But for those who needed this here you go: Leave a comment below.

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Vanessa Marcil, Outstanding Supporting Actress (2003)

Vanessa Marcil, Outstanding Supporting Actress (2003) A network expects a payoff in the ratings when a big star returns. Vanessa Marcil’s return as Brenda did just that. Viewership dropped to 4 million the weeks before her return. In just six months, GH hit a peak of 5.3 million viewers- the

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General Hospital, Now In Color: The Ward Family

The 90s Brings The Ward Family to Port Charles By the 90s, Black creators and performers, had begun to establish themselves with the general (primarily White) population with decades of work finally paying off. The loyal Black audience, long been taken for granted, was beginning to be seen as a

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