Spin-Off Cycle

‘General Hospital’ Deserves Some Spin-Off Love

After Days: Beyond Salem, the five-part limited-series unique event spin-off from Days of Our Lives premiered in the fall, all I could think about was potential spin-offs for ABC’s General Hospital. Around that time, I brainstormed some ideas with the hopes that somebody at at Disney might get inspired to make it a reality. A…Read more

GH Spinoff Idea #6: The Port Charles Guide with Lucy Coe

Based on book ‘The Travelers Guide To Port Charles: When To Go, Where To Live, Who to Love, Who To Never Ever Cross, In America’s Most Dramatic City’ By Lucy Coe. The Guide To Port Charles with Lucy Coe Weekly half-hour mockumentary series. Starring Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe The series takes viewers on an…Read more

GH Spinoff Idea #5: W.S.B

W.S.B. 13 one-hour episodes on Hulu/Disney Plus Spinoff Idea #5: W.S.B Starring: Caitlin Reilly as Annie Donely Anthony Montgomery as Andre Maddox Jack Wagner as Frisco Jones (voice of) Sharon Wyatt as Tiffany Donely Finola Hughes as Anna Devane/Alex Marrick Tristian Rogers as Robert Scorpio Emma Samms as Holly Sutton Charles Shaughnessy as Victor Cassidine…Read more

GH Spinoff Idea #4: PCPD: Making The Case

PCPD: Making The Case Starring:John J. York as Mac ScorpioPaulina Begembe as Valerie SpencerReal Andrews as Marcus TaggertHaley Pullos as Mollie DavisCarolyn Hennessy as Diane MillerKin Shriner as Scott BaldwinKent Masters as Dr. Lainey WintersMarisa Ramirez as Gia CampbellMichael E Knight as Martin Gray 13 Hour Long Episodes on Hulu/Disney Plus Think of it as…Read more

GH Spinoff Idea #3: Port Charles: Books of Caleb

Port Charles: Books of Caleb Starring: Michael Easton as Caleb Morley/Silas Clay/ Michae Clay And any and every ABC Daytime soap star playing whoever you can imagine. Premise: Deep beneath General Hospital lies a horrifying secret that bends time and space. A world where the stuff of nightmares is reality, a place where what we…Read more

Spin-(off) Cycle: GH Spin-Off Idea #1: GH Nurse’s Station

Thanks to Days: Beyond Salem, the five-part limited-series unique event spin-off from Days of Our Lives debuting this week, all I can think about are potential spin-offs of General Hospital. I know the likelihood that any of these will become a reality, but who knows, maybe somebody at ABC/DISNEY/HULU will get inspired. Soap operas are…Read more