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Soap Opera Ratings: ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Final Week On NBC… in Chart Form!

Soap Opera Ratings: ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Final Week On NBC… in Chart Form!

After getting clobbered last week, all four soaps saw inceases in every category.

‘Young And The Restless’ did what it’s done all season – continuing to hold onto first place in every category.

Y&R surged by nearly 200,000 viewers from last week to 3.601 million viewers. This was the hour-long CBS soap opera’s biggest audience since late January and the second-largest this year. Among women 18-49, Y&R was the only daytime drama not to show a week or week increase. However, the number one daytime drama was up 7 percent in the demographic of women 25-54 with a 0.65 rating.

'Bold and The Beautiful' killed off a main character- and the shocking decision paid off in the ratings.

‘Bold and The Beautiful’ killed off a main character- and the shocking decision paid off in the ratings.

B&B had the strongest week of any soap opera, especially in the demographics that advertisers are obsessed with. The half-hour CBS soap opera was up double digits in both categories, jumping from last week’s 0.31 rating in women 18-49 to a 0.36 rating. This was the second-highest-rated week of the year for B&B in the demographic. Even more impressive, the soap was up by 21 percent in women 25-54, climbing from a 0.47 to a 0.57 rating.

'Bold and The Beautiful' killed off a main character- and the shocking decision paid off in the ratings.

‘General Hospital’ celebrated it’s 59th anniversary with an increase in all three categories.

GH had its biggest audience in five weeks with 2.226 million viewers tuning in, up 109,000 from the previous week. The show celebrated 59 years since its premiere this past week with a small increase in women 18-49, moving up to a 031 rating in the demographic. The ABC soap had a bigger increase among women 25-54 as it jumped 10 percent to hit a 0.46 rating.

'General Hospital' celebrated it's 59th anniversary with an increase in all three categories.

‘Days Of Our Lives’ had its second consecutive week with inceases in all three categories.

Despite being in fourth place across the board, DAYS had reason to celebrate for the second week in a row. The NBC soap opera was up 2 percent in overall viewers with 1.663 million people tuning in this past week. The trend continued in women 18-49 with an increase of 7 percent which brought DAYS to a 0.29 rating just slightly behind third-place GH. The show also managed a 3 percent increase in women 25-54 which sent it over the 0.40 mark in the demographic

'Days Of Our Lives' had its second consecutive week with inceases in all three categories.

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