‘General Hospital’ Recap 7/6/22 Part 1: From Homeless To Horsemate

'General Hospital' Episode Recap: From Homeless To Horse's Housemate

In Wednesday’s episode of ABC’s ‘General Hospital’, Michael and Willow add horses to their list of approved non-Wiley-related conversation topics. Cody goes from Dante’s couch to Quartermaine’s stable (it’s still an upgrade, that horse’s house is sick), and Britt suffers more indignity. And that’s just the first part of this episode recap.

Outstanding Supporting Actor (1979)

Peter Hansen as Lee Baldwin Outstanding Supporting Actor (1979) Peter Hansen took on the role of Lee Baldwin in 1965, remaining with the soap on and off for nearly 40 years. As the prominent lawyer and recovering alcoholic running AA meetings out of GH, Peter Hansen made quite the impact on the soap opera. Hansen…Read more