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As Her Run as Trina on ‘General Hospital’ Ends, Sydney Mikayla Leaves Behind an Iconic Legacy

Sydney Mikayla

Sydney Mikayla broke ground as Trina Robinson, but her legacy on GH will be much greater than that.

10 Black Characters That Need To Come Back to ‘General Hospital’ in 2022: Stan Johnson

Keiko Ellsworth last played Stan Johnson on 'GH'.

10 Black Characters That Need To Come Back to ‘General Hospital’ in 2022 ‘General Hospital’ has added many characters of color to the cast in the past few years but diversity is always a continued work in progress. The 59-year-old soap opera has a rich history with many great Black characters with stories left to…Read more

Diversity on GH: Dr. Simone Revelle Hardy

Dr. Simone Revelle-Hardy ABC Breaks Ground with Dr. Simone Hardy- In More Than One Way By the late 80s, Black America was on full display all over primetime television. While viewers had come to know and love series like ‘Good Times’ and ‘The Jeffersons’ in the 70s, both had been spun-off from shows with a…Read more

General Hospital, Now In Color: The Ward Family

The 90s Brings The Ward Family to Port Charles By the 90s, Black creators and performers, had begun to establish themselves with the general (primarily White) population with decades of work finally paying off. The loyal Black audience, long been taken for granted, was beginning to be seen as a consumer with discerning tastes that…Read more


A Black History of Port Charles Part 1 1968 Dr. Tracy Adams (Kim Hamilton) In 1968, ABC’s One Life To Live made history by introducing the first Black character on a daytime soap opera. Later that year, General Hospital cast actress Kim Hamilton in the role of Dr. Tracy Adams giving America the first black,…Read more