‘General Hospital’ Theory: Even With Carly’s Help, Michael and Drew’s Plans For ELQ Are Doomed. But Will That Matter If The Truth About Willow and Nina Finally Comes Out?


General Hospital‘ Theory: Even With Carly’s Help, Michael and Drew’s Plans For ELQ Are Doomed.Will That Matter Once The Truth About Willow and Nina Finally Comes Out?

In their plan to regain control of ELQ, Michael and Drew unexpectedly found support from Carly. Sonny had expressed a desire to help Michael as well, despite their bad blood over the custody hearing. Sonny was surprised to learn his son had targeted his coffee business in retaliation for taking Nina’s side. Speaking of Nina, Carly told Drew Nina might be Willow’s mother, and the two disagree on what to do with this information.

Did I mention the ELQ merger might be doomed thanks to Ned and Valentin? It looks like Ned and Valentin will have a front-row seat to the fireworks because Drew, Carly, Sonny, Michael, Willow, and Nina are on a collision course with the truth.

Carly’s interest in ELQ kind of came out of the left field. But it shouldn’t and not just because Carly inserts herself into Michael’s business whenever she can (and the writers are happy to add Carly to another storyline whenever they see an opportunity). Not only is Carly meddling to help Michael, but for Drew as well. Carly and Drew have grown close since his return to Port Charles. The fact that Carly has a lot of spare time on her hands also helped. Unfortunately, this majority shareholding in Aurora could be more trouble for Carly (and everyone else) than they are worth.

Carly is meddling in Michael’s business to help her son, as Michael meddles in Sonny’s business to hurt his father.

While his mother is helping with this corporate takeover, Michael seems intent on stopping the business endeavors of his father. By getting the old harbormaster fired, Michael has kept Sonny’s coffee shipment in limbo in the Port Charles harbor. Sonny even asked Jordan, the commissioner of police (of all people), for her assistance. Sonny may feel forced to escalate matters if Michael continues on this path.

The ELQ/Aurora doesn’t look like it will happen, which could leave Carly (and Nina) in an awkward position.

Meanwhile, Michael and Drew are confident that they convinced Ned to support their venture with Aurora, despite his reluctance. The two men also believe they have secured enough votes by encouraging Lucy Coe to vote their way. However, with Ned and Lucy poised to side with Valentin, the plan could quickly fall apart.

If the merger fails, Valentin Cassidine has proven to be the steady-handed CEO that ELQ needs and will be largely unaffected. However, Aurora, on the other hand, could be less valuable if the expected merger fails, leaving Carly out of a lot of money. Carly might feel the need to protect her investment by getting more hands-on with Aurora, including its magazine, Crimson, of which Nina is the editor-in-chief. Nina and Carly have kept their distance since the custody hearing with Michael, but that might be impossible now. What started as a well-intentioned investment by Carly could become a headache for her instead.

If Aurora becomes the battleground where Michael and Carly clash with Sonny and Nina, Drew won’t be able to stay neutral.

Michael and Carly have been clashing with Sonny and Nina for months- but Drew’s remained neutral. Drew has been Mr. Positivity in Port Charles, doling out sage advice straight out of a self-help book to everybody he encounters. Despite Sonny being outright hostile towards him, Drew encouraged Sonny to make peace with his son. He counseled Michael to do the same, which is advice Michael has so far ignored.

Depending on how Sonny chooses to proceed, Aurora and Crimson could become an all-new battleground. Could Sonny hit back so hard that Michael decides to fire Nina from Crimson? Even if Michael stops short of using Crimson, Carly could make things difficult by using Aurora to strike back at Sonny and Nina.

Nina only has her magazine left and will fight hard against anybody to protect it. Nina may turn to Sonny for help- and he may be more eager to help after Michael’s move against his father. Sonny will probably retaliate against Michael and might do far worse if he sees that Nina has become a target.

##Carly made Drew her accomplice – will he try to make her come clean?

Carly and Drew have grown so close that she shared the bombshell that Harmony Miller confessed on her deathbed. Drew encouraged Carly to tell Willow the truth and even helped Carly break into the gatehouse to steal a toothbrush for a DNA test. Carly has yet to fill Drew in on the results, but he knows her well enough to fill in the blanks.

The big question is how Drew will react to all these changing dynamics. Drew will not stand for Michael or his mother using Aurora to target Nina. Will Drew tell Carly to back off? Will Drew confront Carly about what she’s hiding from both Nina and Willow? And if Carly doesn’t tell the truth, will he take matters into his hands?

Drew may look for a way to protect Carly by indirectly helping Nina find out.

Drew could put the ball in Michael’s court, forcing him to confront his mother and break the news to Willow. Drew may tell Sonny the truth, hoping he can break the news to Nina in a way that protects Carly from her response. Or will Drew cut right to the chase and tell the people who need to know the most: Nina and Willow?

The truth may find another way out and give Valentin a chance to right a wrong in the process.

However, those scenarios assume nobody else will find out the truth about Willow and Nina – which may not happen. For example, Ned could overhear Drew and Carly discussing their secret and use it to blackmail one or both of them into getting whatever ELQ deal he prefers. Ned could even tell Valentin to ensure control of ELQ if the vote doesn’t go their way.

This scenario would bring closure to a plot thread as old as Nina’s search for her long-lost daughter. Valentin’s deception regarding the identity of her daughter ruined his relationship with Nina. While Valentin has moved on with Anna, being the one to finally tell Nina the truth would bring his redemption arc full circle.

That’s my theory on what will come of the whole ELQ/Aurora merger and how it will lead to Carly’s secret coming out . What do you think is going to happen?

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