Sean Blakemore Exiting GH

Sean Blakemore is out at ‘General Hospital’.

UPDATE: Sean Blakemore leaving GH by choice. The actor addresses exit and confirms it was his decision to leave.

Sean Blakemore Exiting GH

Sources have confirmed that Sean Blakemore is out at ‘General Hospital’. The actor returned to the soap last April after his initial run as Shawn Butler ended in 2015.

The casting development comes as a surprise, with the addition of Tanisha Harper as the recast of Jordan Ashford and recent promotion of actor Tajh Bellow to contract as the characters’ son, TJ. The move seems a bit counterintuitive.

Sean Blakemore leaving GH, despite addition of Tanisha Harper as Jordan and promotion of Tahj Bellow to contract.

It appears his lack of screen-time was the primary reason behind his departure. No word on whether the network plans to recast. More on Sean Blakemore leaving GH on as it develops.

Sean Blakemore Exiting GH: Actor previously won an Emmy for his work

Blakemore originated the role of Shawn in 2011 and was one of just a few actors of color who have had long runs on the show. The actor was nominated for his performance twice as a supporting actor at the Daytime Emmys in 2012 and 2016. Blakemore won on the second try.

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  1. The writers should’ve had Shawn become romantically involved with Aca to drive a wedge between her and Nikolas.

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