Latest Soap Opera Ratings: Week of 1/28/2022

Latest Soap Opera Ratings: Week of 1/28/2022

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ & ‘General Hospital’ Add Viewers, All Soaps Fall In Demographics

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Raw Data Courtesy of Soap Opera Network

In total viewers, Y&R lost the most week to week, dropping 140,000 from last week to its smallest audience since Christmas. The CBS soap still ranked number one, though, with 3.524 million viewers. Y&R was up by 177,000 viewers from last year, up by 5 percent. 

Both CBS Soaps Way Up From Last Year

That was just behind the average of 3.53 million viewers, which is a considerable increase from last season when Y&R averaged just 3.155 million viewers. The soap is by 375,000 viewers season-to-date, up by 12 percent.

B&B had better news, adding 6,000 viewers to almost tie last week with 2.961 million viewers. The half-hour soap was also up by 15,000 viewers from last year when it pulled in 2.946 million viewers. This season, B&B averages 2.909 million viewers compared to the 2.741 million tuning in on average last year. The soap is up by 168,000 viewers, a 6 percent increase for the CBS soap.

GH is the only soap up from both 2020 and 2019

GH was up overall in total viewers pulling in 11,000 more than last week. The ABC soap averaged 2.195 million viewers. The soap was up from last year’s 2.176 million by 19,000 viewers (+1%).

So far this season, GH is up from last year when it averaged 2.084 million viewers. In comparison, GH is up to 2.204 million viewers this year, increasing 6 percent and 120,000 viewers.

Even more encouraging for GH, the soap is up by 35,000 viewers from the 2019-20 season’s comparable week. GH is the only soap opera with a larger audience than it did two years ago.

DAYS Dips, But Average Hits 1.7 Million For First Time This Season

DAYS had a down week after last week’s season-high, falling 136,000 viewers to 1.773 million. The audience fell from the previous year when it pulled in 1.804 million viewers. Still, this week boosted the average for DAYS this season to 1.7 million viewers for the first time. Last year at this point, DAYS averaged 1.733 million viewers and is off by just 2 percent year over year.

Every Soap Down in Both Demographics

In women 18-49, Y&R tied its season-low with a .38 rating, falling by .04 from last week. That 10 percent decline sent it to its lowest since the first week of December. Y&R was also down from last year, falling 19 percent from a .47 rating. Season-to-date, the CBS soap is pretty close to last year’s .42 rating with a .40 this time around.

Young and The
Bold and
The Beautiful
Days of Our Lives
Women 25-540.640.550.510.38
Raw Data Courtesy of Soap Opera Network

In women 25-24, Y&R remained at number one with a .64 rating, down from a .67 rating and its lowest since Christmas. During the same week the previous year, it averaged a .73. Season-to-date, Y&R is still well ahead of its peers with a .67 rating and not too far off the .69 rating it averaged last season.

CBS Soaps Hold Up The Best

B&B held up best of all four soap operas in women 18-49, dropping by .02 to a .33 rating. This year, the 6 percent drop was its lowest but just behind the .34 rating the CBS soap averages this season. B&B was off 21 percent from a .42 rating compared to last year. However, B&B isn’t far off from last season’s .36 average and has declined the least this season.

The half-hour soap dipped .02 from last week with a .55 rating, the smallest drop of the soaps this week (-4 %). B&B regained sole possession of second place among soaps. The week was B&B’s lowest-rated week since the new year began. Compared to last year’s same week, B&B dropped 19 percent from a .68 rating. Season-to-date, B&B is averaging a .56 rating in women 25-54, down 11 percent from last season’s .63 in the demographic.

GH Down From Last Week And Last Year

GH got hit the hardest in women 18-49, falling by 17 percent to a .30 rating. The .06 drop was GH’s lowest since October and the second-lowest of the season. The ABC soap also decreased from last year, dropping from a .39 rating. GH is averaging a .33 rating season -to date, down 11 percent from last year’s .37 in the demographic.

GH had the most significant drop in women 25-54, dropping 11 percent last week to a .51 rating. This week was the ABC soap’s lowest-rated since 12/31, with the show losing its second-place position after two consecutive weeks. GH performed much better last year and fell 20 percent to a .64 rating. Season-to-date GH averages a .53 rating, down 9 percent from a .58 the previous year.

DAYS Drops The Most, Partially Due To Peacock

DAYS also had a rough week, tying its second-lowest rating for the season with a .25 in the demographic. The drop of 14 percent didn’t hurt the NBC soap’s average this season- it is still averaging a .26 in the demographic, down from last year’s .34 rating. DAYS was down a massive 29 percent from a .35 rating and off 26 percent from the .34 average compared with the year earlier.

In women 25-54, DAYS fell from last week, down 10 percent to a .38 rating. The rating is identical to the .38 rating for the season-to-date average. Compared to this point last year, DAYS was down 21 percent from a .48 rating. At least part of the decline is due to viewers watching via the Peacock streaming service. DAYS has performed so well that the network has ordered two spin-offs (a holiday movie and last fall’s ‘Beyond Salem’) as well as two additional seasons of the soap.

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