10 Black Characters That Need To Come Back to ‘General Hospital’ in 2022: Dr. Andre Maddox

Dr. Andre Maddox

10 Black Characters That Need To Come Back to ‘General Hospital’ in 2022

‘General Hospital’ has added many characters of color to the cast in the past few years but diversity is always a continued work in progress. The 59-year-old soap opera has a rich history with many great Black characters with stories left to tell. The best part is, most of them still have links to characters on the show today that can add even more soapy drama. Here’s a look at 10 Black characters whose return to the soap opera are long overdue

Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery)

Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery)

Dr. Andre Maddox was on ‘General Hospital’ from 2015 through 2019 and was the resident psychiatric doctor at General Hospital. Dr. Maddox was introduced as Anna Devane’s new psychiatrist in the absence of Dr. Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom was unavailable to continue the storyline due to scheduling) and was meant to be temporary. However, the character of Andre added a new dimension to the storyline as Anna distrusted the new doctor- which resulted in quite a bit of chemistry between actors Anthony Montgomery and Finola Hughes. After continuing to display a great deal of chemistry with his co-stars most notably Hughes as well as Vinessa Antoine (who played Jordan), the network placed Montgomery on contract after only a few months in the role.

A straight-laced and morally upright character at the start, Andre’s dark secrets eventually came to light when viewers learned he was behind the memory mapping technology that menaced various residents. Despite good intentions in developing the technology for treating Alzheimer’s patients, Maddox’s work wreaked havoc on the lives of Anna Devane and her sister Alex Marrick, as well as Drew Cain, Jason Morgan, and eventually Franco Baldwin. Andre’s deception about his past severely damaged his relationships with Anna and Jordan, and Andre was sent to prison by the WSB for his involvement in the memory mapping program.

With Franco, Alex and Jason now dead, the memory mapping legacy is a dark mark on Andre’s record. Drew Cain is working alongside Anna to take down Peter August- and the memory mapping is still playing a large part in the proceeding. On top of that, Victor Cassidine seems hellbent on using Andre’s work and its influence on Drew to further whatever evil plot he has cooked up. It is becoming apparent that Port Charles needs all the help it can get against Victor Cassidine, so it makes sense that Anna and Drew seek out Andre. Now is the perfect time for his return and allows Andre a chance at redemption.

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