10 Black Characters That Need To Come Back to ‘General Hospital’ In 2022:Dr. Lainey Winters

10 Black Characters That Need To Come Back to ‘General Hospital’ In 2022: Dr. Lainey Winters

9. Dr. Lainey Winters (Kent Masters King)

Dr. Lainey Winters (Kent Masters King) was a popular recurring character who appeared on ‘GH’ from 2005 through 2010 as the resident psychiatrist at General Hospital. After Carly Corinthos had a mental breakdown, viewers first met Dr. Lainey Winters, who helped Carly after her mental breakdown. Lainey eventually began dating Justus Ward, but sadly, the romance was short-lived when Manny Ruiz killed Justus in 2006. The character was also prominently featured in the spinoff ‘GH: Night Shift’ in 2007.

The hospital would welcome Dr. Winters’s return with Dr. Kevin Collins may be stretched thin dealing with all the mental issues afflicting the citizens of Port Charles- especially the women. Lainey could help Willow finally deal with the traumatic cult upbringing or counsel Trina after the truth about her paternity comes out, and of course, there’s Esme. Lainey would be perfect for handling that case since Dr. Kevin Collins will be the last doctor assigned to her. But the character’s dynamic on the show doesn’t have to be solely professional.

A hallmark of Lainey’s time on the show was the friendships she cultivated with fellow doctors Robin Scorpio and Kelly Lee and nurse Liz Webber. Who could forget the many nights with the girls letting loose and discussing life over drinks at Jake’s Bar after a long work week at GH? Lainey would be an ideal friend to Portia, giving viewers a dynamic between two women of color that is missing in the daytime landscape today. Since the writers intend to make Carly friendly- why not have Lainey connect with her old patient. As for romance, Shawn could use an alternative option to Alexis’ neurosis with the stable and sound-minded Lainey- even if it is just a fling.

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