Former-star of B&B, Susan Flannery Pays Tribute to Betty White

Television lost a legend this weekend with the passing of Betty White. Arguably the funniest and most beloved actress of the last century, she passed away just weeks before marking 100 years on this earth.

Betty White, known for her primetime roles on sitcoms like the Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, also appeared on CBS soap Bold & The Beautiful. The normally light hearted comedic actress took a dramatic turn in the role of Stephanie Forrester’s abusive mother.

While Betty White is a legend, few realize she appeared on the daytime soap from 2006 to 2009. America’s Golden Girl went toe to toe with Susan Flannery, the retired former star of the soap. Flannery will be on E! discussing her memories of the late icon.

Susan Flannery is quite the icon in her own right for her portrayal of the fashion mogul on B&B, beginning with its first episode in 1987. Flannery would remain with the show for the next 25 years. During that time, she was nominated for Best Lead Actress at the Daytime Emmy Awards, an astounding nine times.

Ironically, she won her first award on her first nomination just a year after Susan Lucci finally won her first Emmy on her 19th try. Flannery would go on to win two more times before her exit in 2012.

The appearance was scheduled for 11:00 AM on the entertainment news magazine, Daily Pop, on Monday January 3rd. However, as of this post it had been cancelled- no word on any plans to reschedule.

Hopefully the network is able to make the interview happen- Flannery is an industry icon who rarely makes appearances. With the passing of her former co-star, this may be among the few chances to hear from the actress.

Nobody could give better insight into how the actress tackled the very different experience of shooting a daytime soap opera than Susan Flannery. And I doubt Betty White would disagree.

Check-in for updates on when/if the appearance will be rescheduled.

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