Kristina Wagner Brings Felicia Back to ‘General Hospital’

Wagner’s Felicia Last Appeared in May for a Tribute to the Late John Reilly Who PLayed Sean Donely from 1984-1985

General Hospital fans just got an early Christmas gift. Kristina Wagner has tweeted that she will be reprising her fan-favorite role as Felicia Jones-Scorpio on General Hospital. Wagner originated the role in 1985 during the Aztec adventure, which paired Felicia Cummings with Frisco Jones, played by Jack Wagner. The two characters would become one of the biggest couples of the ’80s. The chemistry on-screen spilled over to real life and the two eventually wed. 

The actor left the soap in the early nineties but would return in 1994 for the iconic Maxie Jones’s heart transplant. Kristina Wagner played the role until 2005, when she quit in a contract dispute. Wagner refused to commit to the necessary scheduling without a contract, and executive producer Jill Farren Phelps recast the actress during a critical revisiting of the transplant storyline. The controversial decision came at a difficult time for the ABC soap opera, as it lost 20 percent of its audience year-to-year as fans appeared to reject the storylines at the time. 

Wagner would be asked back in late 2007 as Felicia returned for daughter Georgie’s funeral. The actress would later appear in the run-up to GH’s 50th anniversary in 2013 alongside her ex-husband Jack Wagner, who briefly reprised his role as Frisco. Wagner has appeared periodically since then. However, the actress has not been on-screen save for the special tribute honoring John Reilly in May of this year. Outside of her appearance in May, the actress had not been on screen since before the shutdown last spring. You can check out Kristina Wagner’s Twitter account here.

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