Rumor: William Devry Tweeted From Los Angeles Yesterday…So Will the Popular Actor Return As Steve Burton and Ingo Rademacher Exit???

Rumor: William Devry Tweeted From Los Angeles Yesterday…So Will the Popular Actor Return As Steve Burton and Ingo Rademacher Exit???

William Devry as Julian Jerome #GH #GEneralhospital

Can William Devry fill the void left by the rumored exits of Ingo Rademacher and Steve Burton? Absolutely. But the question is will he? William Devry has been outspoken about the need for safety measures and vaccinations as part of the public health response to the pandemic. On Wednesday, the actor seemed to make a joking reference to the frenzy on Soap Twitter about the expected departures of two of his former co-stars.

In his tweet, Devry asked, “So what’s the scoop,” while Twitter was burning up with rumors about the firings. Eagle eye followers might have noticed Devry was tagged as being in Los Angeles. His location is at the time of the post is of particular interest. Why, you ask? Well, the actor relocated to Canada shortly after the end of his time at General Hospital.

Could Devry be negotiating his return to the ABC soap? Or is he already on set taping scenes? The door did not seem open for his return after the actor was openly disappointed with the handling of his exit. Perhaps the perception of bad blood was overblown in the age of social media.

If Devry does indeed return to GH, there is no shortage of potential stories to tell. While Julian was responsible for some evil deeds, soap writers have retconned worse actions to redeem less popular characters.

Plus, Julian’s return would shake things up for several characters on the canvas by just the prospect of him returning from the dead. His sister, Ava, would be caught between being happy her brother was alive and the memory that Julian put her sister-in-law Lulu in a coma. Julian’s ex-wife Alexis is currently single, but that may change once she leaves prison; what better way to inject drama into the slow-building Alexis and Shawn romance than a love triangle involving Julian, the ex-husband who drove her to drink.

Arch enemy, Sonny was seeking revenge for the before the two mobsters fell to their “deaths” in a bridge collapse. While Sonny has softened some since his time in Nixon Falls, he is unlikely to be forgiving. The two could see themselves pitted against one another.

The most exciting possibility may come from one of the final plots from Julian’s exit story: another child. Kim Nero’s secret son, Drew, is a brother to Leo, Lucas, and Sam. With Drew Cain now alive, who knows if Tamara Braun might not be far behind in returning as Kim Nero to cause some paternity misdirection.

The whole topic could be simply wishful thinking and over-reading into a tweet. Honestly, I was not a huge fan of Julian Jerome. Plus, I was kind of annoyed when Devry voiced his displeasure with the show. But I continued to follow the actor online via social media, and his intelligent, humorous charm has grown on me. Devry speaks his mind but tries to maintain a level of respect in his approach in his interactions. He engages the fans in a commendable way, especially in the hard-to-navigate world of Soap Twitter. Considering the mess leading up to the rumored firings- GH could do a LOT worse.

What do you think? Will William Devry be back in Port Charles as Julian Jerome? Only time will tell. Leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are on a possible return of Julian Jerome.

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