Krista Allen has ‘Bold’ Cinemax Past

Krista Allen has ‘Bold’ Cinemax Past

Krista Allen is Dr. Taylor Hayes on B&B
Krista Allen is the new Dr. Taylor Hayes on B&B

Krista Allen Joins B&B as Dr. Taylor Hayes

Krista Allen is familiar to soap fans as a former cast member of ‘Days of Our Lives’, where she played Billie Reed. She went on to star on the syndicated series Baywatch: Hawaii, a continuation of the original series, which was at one time was the most-watched show in the world. Like a billion people watched it (no joke). Man, the 90’s were something else.

Current viewers of ‘Bold & The Beautiful’ will know Krista Allen as Steffy’s mother, Dr. Taylor Hayes, or at least you will soon. Allen will be taking over the role from Hunter Tylo. Oddly enough, Hunter Tylo left the part of Taylor Hayes in the mid-90s when she joined the cast of ‘Melrose Place’. Tylo alleges she was fired by Aaron Spelling because she was pregnant. Tylo eventually sued Spelling for discrimination. Oddly enough, Lisa Rinna ended up in the role Hunter Tylo never got to take. Who replaced Lisa Rinna on ‘Days of Our Lives’? None other than Krista Allen!
Man, the soaps were something else in the 90s

Krista Allen’s Role in “Emmanuelle’ Was Out of This World

Before any of this, Krista Allen starred in a series called ‘Emmanuelle In Space.’ If you don’t remember even hearing about the show, you may not have been in the target demographic. Usually, I bristle at the idea of targeted programming based on blanket stereotypes instead of making well-executed original entertainment for the viewing public.BUT in this case, the stereotypes are true. If you have heard of it, you probably were a hormonal teenage boy in the mid-to-late 90s whose parents shelled out the $9.99 extra a month to ensure they had Cinemax in the cable package. If you haven’t guessed what kind of show ‘Emmanuelle in Space’ was, prepare yourself, it’s a doozy. ‘

‘Emmanuelle in Space’ was a half-hour heartwarming, erotic sci-fi drama that starred Krista Allen as ‘Emmanuelle”s titular character. Emanuelle is a woman of Earth, abducted by aliens studying the sexual impulses of the people of our planet. The aliens, who are humanoid in appearance, have chosen Emmanuelle to teach them the sensual art of banging- and teach them she does. Picked for the task because of her beauty and healthy libido, Emmanuelle travels the world with the aliens as they explore their bodies. In execution, it’s a surprisingly wholesome romp considering it involves extraterrestrial erotica. It’s all pretty standard Cinemax After Dark-type programming- complete with no private parts except for bare breasts and bottoms. Oh, and a lot of enthusiastic dry humping. I told you the ’90s were something else.

Past Racy Roles Don’t Make Allen Any Less Awesome

Now you may think I’m judging her for a racy past role. It’s quite the opposite. I respect Allen because you take roles on soaps and shows like ‘Baywatch’ and ‘Emmanuelle’ because your passion for acting is the driving force- not fame and fortune. Another example of her passion is her doing stand-up comedy- something that’s difficult to profit from but fulfilling as an actor. Allen is also a decent human being; check out her social media accounts. Allen is very active and committed to promoting various charities with a focus on helping those in need.

Regardless of the content of her last work, or the content of programming I witnessed in the mid to late 90s, Krista Allen is pretty great in my books. Chances are the sex with the aliens is going to be no weirder than anything involving Eric Forrester’s ED or Sheila forcing Deacon to make out with her.

It may not be the ’90s anymore, but man, these soaps are something else.

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