General Hospital’s JAX is Out!

General Hospital’s JAX is Out!

Ingo Rademacher hit the nail on the head with his latest retweet- the final one in his career’s coffin. Controversy is not new to the actor, known for clashing with fans and costars like Nancy Lee Grahn alike over the past few years. But things came to a head as a debate over the proposed private sector vaccine mandates entered the public Conversation. The mainstream press covered the resultant clashes with his costar and fans in publications like Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter.

This comes on the heels of Rademacher’s reportedly not complying with Disney/ABC’s company-wide vaccine mandates, with credible sources relaying that he has already been let go by the soap opera. Even if the rumors of his firing are overblown, the veteran’s latest actions could guarantee the same fate.

Ingo’s Exit Definitely Warranted For This…

This time, the issue isn’t vaccines but another hot button issue in the culture wars. Ingo Rademacher retweeted an offensive meme that poked fun at transgender individuals. The post purposely misidentifies a transgender person as its central theme while misrepresenting gun safety advocates’ view of gun ownership as equivalent to white supremacy. Even more troubling is that Rademacher works alongside the first trans person ever to have a role in Daytime soap opera history.

The actress Cassandra James, who plays Dr. Terry Randolph on General Hospital, is a vocal LGBTQ advocate and has been highlighted as an example of the ABC network’s commitment to inclusivity. This makes Rademacher’s actions more troubling since he cannot feign ignorance to the proximity he has to a trans person in the cast.

For her part the actress addressed the meme (which I will not post due to the juvenile and offensive content. If anybody’s juvenile and offensive content is ending up on this site it will be mine!) on Twitter thanking her fans for their support and reminding followers that words have impact.

Cassandra James Appeared On ‘State Of Mind’

Cassandra James has been more visible on the show in the past few months and was a recent guest on fellow GH star Maurice Bernard’s online series State of Mind. The series seeks to normalize mental health discussions with a diverse group of guests sharing their experiences and methods of coping with common mental health issues. The series has interviewed various stars from General Hospital, past and present, and different other famous individuals. As of this post, Cassandra James’ episode has over 38,000 viewers on YouTube.

Whether or not Ingo even gave his retweet of the post a second thought or if he was very much aware of what message he was sending is not the point. The decision to continue to fan flames on social media after his past dustups with soap fans online is proof that he does not care how his words impact others.

Further more, this appears to simply by Ingo Rademacher embracing what he believes is his ”true calling”: an icon of a conservative movement against big-government and progressive values.

Ingo’s Options Are Limited

Outside of GH, where Ingo Rademacher has been a fixture as Jasper Jacks for most of the last 25 years, the actor has also been featured on CBS’ Bold & The Beautiful as a recast of Thorne Forrester. It should be noted that Sony Television Productions produces the other three soaps still currently on the air, none of which currently have a vaccination mandate.

Sony does however, however, presumably have an HR department. Although that may be up for debate. There are currently serious allegations against the executive producer of fellow Sony Television Production, Young and The Restless. The mounting evidence suggests that there are toxic elements in the production company’s corporate culture.

This aligns with the portrait painted by former Y&R star, Victoria Rowell, when she recounted her experiences working for the company. A frustrated Rowell quit the top rated show in 2007 after advocating for more diversity behind the scenes and in front of the camera to no avail. Subsequently the actress was blacklisted from working at all three Sony produced soap operas.

From the way things look, Rademacher will be more at home working for Sony Productions if they want to take on the extra risk. And General Hospital would be way better off without Rademacher.

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