Confirmed: Ingo Rademacher is out! Rumor: Steve Burton next!

Steve Burton memorably left GH in 2012 under the guise of spending more time with his family in Tennessee. The actor was reportedly unhappy with the direction of storyline and the proposed reduction in screen time for Jason Morgan under head-writer Ron Carlivati at the time. Burton’s true intentions were obvious when he took a role on GH’s rival, Young & The Restless on CBS. This continued an on-again/off-again casting war between the two popular soaps. Eventually, Burton returned to the role of Jason Morgan after a five-year absence.

Ingo Rademacher has been a fixture as Jasper Jacks for most of the last 25 years. The actor made headlines as he openly clashed with pro-vaccination-fans on Twitter. He played Thorne Forrester for a brief period on Bold & The Beautiful during one absence from the ABC soap.

Sony Television produces both CBS soaps. Sony Television’s daytime dramas currently DO NOT have a vaccination mandate. Will both actors find themselves on CBS if rumors of their termination are true? Stay Tuned.

Both actors are among the highest paid on GH, while some may miss the actors, there will be a lot more money and screen-time to go around with them no longer on contract.Will ABC/ Disney use their budget wisely?

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