Latest Soap Ratings: Every Episode, Every Soap Ranked : 9/24/21

Every Episode, Every Soap Ranked: 9/24/21

Women 18-49: One Low Rated Episode Can Ruin A Soap’s Entire Week

GH had a stellar week in the Women 18-49 demographic… except for Friday’s episode. The ABC soap opera averaged a .35 rating, just behind B&B’s second place .36- and that’s only because of rounding. GH actually pulled in a .352 versus B&B’s .0356 average but you can’t argue with rounding- math is math. GH had four of this week’s 5 episodes rank in the top 10, with Tuesday’s .40 standing as the top performer tying for fourth place overall.

B&B hit its high on Tuesday with a .44 rating, almost tying for the highest rated episode of the week. However the honor for the highest rated episode of the week in women 18-49 goes to the Friday episode of Y&R with a .45 rating.

RankSeriesM-FW18-49 Rating
1.Young and the RestlessF0.45
2.Bold and the BeautifulT0.44
3.Young and the RestlessT0.42
4. (Tie)Young and the RestlessM0.40
4. (Tie)General HospitalT0.40
6General HospitalW0.38
7General HospitalTH0.37
8. (Tie)Bold and the BeautifulF0.36
8. (Tie)General HospitalM0.36
8. (Tie)Bold and the BeautifulM0.36
8. (Tie)Young and the RestlessTH0.36
12Young and the RestlessW0.34
13. (Tie)Bold and the BeautifulTH0.31
13. (Tie)Bold and the BeautifulW0.31
13. (Tie)Days of our LivesW0.28
16. (Tie)Days of our LivesM0.27
16. (Tie)Days of our LivesTH0.27
18General HospitalF0.25
19Days of our LivesT0.23
20Days of our LivesF0.21

So what how did B&B take number two if the majority of GH’s episodes performed better? The answer is simple. Just like my grades in college, it only takes one failing grade to pull your average down (I managed to do only a slightly better GPA my first semester than the demo ratings ). GH’s ‘F’ came with the Friday episode pulling an abysmal .25 in the demographic snd ranked 18 out of the 20 that aired this week.

NBC should be grateful for whatever event impacted ABC on Friday as it kept DAYS from having all five of the lowest rated episodes this week. Seriously, though, DAYS hit its low that day as well, but the CBS soaps’ had their highest on Friday. There weren’t any preemptions that I know of, so if anybody has the 411, let me know!

Women 25-54 Ranking: General Hospital Has Top 3 Episodes of the Week in Women 25-54, But Y&R Takes The Week Overall

RankSeriesM-FW25-54 Rating
1General HospitalT0.68
2General HospitalW0.66
3* (Tie)Young and the RestlessT0.65
3* (Tie)General HospitalTH0.65
5Young and the RestlessF0.64
6Young and the RestlessM0.63
7* (Tie)Bold and the BeautifulT0.62
7* (Tie)Young and the RestlessTH0.62
9* (Tie)General HospitalW0.61
9* (Tie)Young and the RestlessM0.61
11Bold and the BeautifulW0.58

Bold and the BeautifulM0.56
13Bold and the BeautifulF0.55
14Bold and the BeautifulTH0.54
15General HospitalF0.5
16Days of our LivesW0.42
17* (Tie)Days of our LivesM0.38
17 * (Tie)Days of our LivesTH0.38
19Days of our LivesT0.33
20Days of our LivesF0.32

Y&R’s episodes all made the top ten tying with GH for third, holding fifth, sixth, tying B&B’s highest rated episode (.62 on Tuesday) for seventh, and Monday’s episode tied GH’s Wednesday episode for ninth place (.61). Y&R won out over GH by just .01 of a ratings point. B&B was pretty consistent in with the half hour soap holding the eleven through fourteen spots.

Unfortunately for NBC, GH’s low in women 25-54 (.50 on Friday) was able to beat out even the highest rated DAYS episode of the week (.42 on Wednesday). This left DAYS with the bottom of the chart all to itself. GH, on the other hand, managed to have the top three episodes of the week with a .68 on Tuesday, .66 on Wednesday and Friday tying with the Thursday episode of Y&R (both scoring a .65).

What If Each Soap Removed The Lowest Rated Episode From The Weekly Average?

I got a little curious about how much the low ratings impacted each soap opera’s weekly average. So, I went ahead and took the liberty of seeing what would happen if the lowest rated episode of the week for each soap was taken out of the average. Here’s how the numbers worked out for women 18-49:

Women 18-49 Without Weekly Low

SeriesWomen 18-49
w/o Low% +Rank
Young and the Restless0.400.412%1
General Hospital0.350.389%2
Bold and the Beautiful0.360.373%3
Days of our Lives0.250.264%4

DAYS lowest rated episode (Friday, .21) was .07 below it’s highest rated episode of the week on Wednesday. The NBC soap would have averaged a 4% higher .26 rating if the weekly low wasn’t in the average. B&B and Y&R would have increased .01 each, with Y&R holding onto its top spot and B&B slipping to third. GH would have been 9 % higher without the Friday episode, up .03 to a .38.

Women 25-54 Averages Without Weekly Low

SeriesWomen 25-54 Averagew/o Low+% Rank
Young and the Restless0.630.641%2
General Hospital0.620.655%1
Bold and the Beautiful0.570.581%3
Days of our Lives0.370.383%4

DAYS doesn’t budge from last place and increases to a .38, matching the CBS soaps .01 increase. Dropping the lowest rated episode of the week would have boosted GH by .03, and moving it comfortably ahead with a .65 to Y&R’s .64 for first place.

This begs the question: would the networks benefit by cutting each soap to 4 episodes a week? Leave your opinion in the comments section and we’ll discuss it soon!

Check out the soap opera ratings weekly breakdown for more of the dope on soaps right here.

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