Latest Soap Opera Ratings: Week of 10/8/21 Daily Breakdown

Latest Soap Opera Ratings: Week of 10/8/21 Daily Breakdown


Week #3 of the 2021-22 Season

Women 18-49This WeekLast Week%LWLast Year%LYSeason To Date
Young and The Restless0.410.42-2%0.395%0.40
Bold and The Beautiful0.350.38-8%0.37-5%0.37
General Hospital0.310.38-18%0.37-16%0.37
Days of Our Lives0.230.28-18%0.34-32%0.27

Young and The Restless led the way in women 18-49, down slightly week to week but up from last year. The CBS soap opera remains rock-solid at the top of the demographic. Bold and The Beautiful ratings fell from both last week and this year, despite its lead-in showing improvement. General Hospital was down in both categories by double digits, most due to a low-rated last-minute repeat episode on Wednesday. Days of Our Lives was also down from last week by double digits and most troubling down 32 percent from last year.

Women 25-54This WeekLast Week%LWLast Year%LYSeason To Date
Young and The Restless0.680.663%0.663%0.65
Bold and The Beautiful0.580.61-5%0.65-11%0.59
General Hospital0.50.6-17%0.57-12%0.61
Days of Our Lives0.360.39-8%0.5-22%0.38

In women 25-54, Y&R was up from both last week and last year by 3 percent. The soap is actually ahead of last season’s average at this point as well. B&B held up better week to week in this demographic but still fell 5 percent. Compared to last year, B&B was down 11 percent, a bigger drop than it had for women 18-49. Meanwhile, its season-to-date average lags behind last year when it was in a dead-heat for first place with Y&R. General Hospital held up better compared to last week and last year in this demographic. But with the repeat episode weighing the ABC soap down, it dropped by double digits. DAYS held up better in this category falling only 8 percent week-to-week, but was still down double digits from last year,

Every Episode Ranked by Women 18-49

1Young and The RestlessWednesday0.45
2Young and The RestlessThursday0.44
3Young and The RestlessMonday0.43
4Bold and The BeautifulMonday0.41
5Young and The RestlessTuesday0.38
6General HospitalMonday0.37
7Bold and The BeautifulWednesday0.36
8*Young and The RestlessFriday0.34
8*General HospitalThursday0.34
10Bold and The BeautifulTuesday0.33
11*General HospitalTuesday0.32
11*General HospitalFriday0.32
11*Bold and The BeautifulThursday0.32
14Bold and The BeautifulFriday0.31
15Days of Our LivesMonday0.29
16Days of Our LivesFriday0.24
17*General HospitalWednesday0.21
17*Days of Our LivesThursday0.21
17*Days of Our LivesTuesday0.21
20Days of Our LivesWednesday0.2

Y&R held the top three spots with its Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday episodes. The number one soap held four of the top five, with Tuesday’s episode at number five. In fact, Y&R had all of its episodes in the top ten this week, the lowest-rated being Friday’s episode which tied for number 8.

B&B held three of the top ten episodes this week, including one in the top five. B&B’s Monday episode took 4th place and actually kept Y&R from sweeping the top five. Wednesday’s episode came in at number 7 followed by Tuesday at number 10. Outside the top 10, B&B was part of a three-way tie for number 11 for Thursday’s episode. Friday’s episode ranked the lowest coming in at number 14.

GH held two spots in the top 10, coming in at number 6 with Monday’s episode and tying for number 8 with its Thursday airing. GH’s Tuesday and Friday episodes tied for number 11. The lowest-rated episode of the week was a last-minute rerun from Wednesday that tied for number 17.

The highest-rated episode of DAYS was Monday’s episode, which came in at only number 15. Friday’s episode was up next at 16. DAYS episodes on Tuesday and Thursday tied for number 17 with a rerun of GH. The lowest rated episode came on Wednesday which ranked dead last. Including the tie, DAYS held the bottom five spots on the chart.

Every Episode Ranked by Women 25-54

1Young and The RestlessMonday0.72
2Young and The RestlessThursday0.71
3Young and The RestlessWednesday0.7
4Bold and The BeautifulMonday0.67
5Young and The RestlessTuesday0.65
6Young and The RestlessFriday0.6
7General HospitalMonday0.58
8Bold and The BeautifulWednesday0.57
9Bold and The BeautifulThursday0.56
10Bold and The BeautifulTuesday0.55
11General HospitalFriday0.54
12*Bold and The BeautifulFriday0.53
12*General HospitalThursday0.53
14General HospitalTuesday0.52
15*Days of Our LivesMonday0.44
16Days of Our LivesFriday0.36
17*Days of Our LivesTuesday0.35
17*Days of Our LivesThursday0.35
19General HospitalWednesday0.32
20Days of Our LivesWednesday0.31

Y&R held five of the top six episodes that aired this week. Monday held first place, followed by Thursday at number two and Wednesday rounding out the top three. Tuesday came in at number five and Friday was the lowest-rated episode at number six.

B&B kept Y&R from a clean sweep of the top five with Monday’s episode taking 4th place. The soap actually had another three episodes in the top 10 as well with Wednesday, Thursday, and Tuesday taking 8th, 9th and 10th respectively. The lowest rated episode for B&B came in on Friday and tied for number 12.

GH managed just one episode in the top 10 with Monday’s episode ranking 7th. GH’s Friday episode took 11th followed by Thursday’s episode which tied for 12th and Tuesday’s coming in at number 14. The lowest rated episode was a last-minute airing of a repeat on Wednesday coming in at number 19. That repeat episode still outdid the episode of DAYS that aired the same day.

DAYS had all five episodes rank among the six lowest-rated episodes of the week, with only a last-minute rerun of GH keeping it from sweeping the bottom of the chart. DAYS highest-rated episode came on Monday, followed by Friday at number 16. Tuesday and Thursday were able to tie for 17th place while Wednesday ranked as the lowest-rated at number 20.

Daily Women 18-49 Rating

3GH0.37GH0.32GH (R)0.21*B&B0.32B&B0.31

Daily Women 25-54 Rating

3GH0.58GH0.52GH (R)0.32*GH0.53B&B0.53

Monday 10/4/21 This was the highest-rated day for the soaps in women 18-49 and women 25–54. DAYS almost hit the .3 mark in women 18-49 and had its only day above a .4 in women 25-54. GH was solid with a .37 and .58 in the respective demographics. Y&R and B&B were just .02 apart in women -49 (.43 to .41). B&B was the only other soap besides Y&R to hit any rating above the .40 mark in women 18-49 and .60

In 25-54-year-olds. Y&R’s performance was particularly strong in the older demographic which boosted B&B to a .67 rating. In women 18-49, the gap between first and second was only .02, with Y&R at a .43 ahead of the weekly high for B&B at a .41 rating. GH was in third with a .38 rating, ahead of DAYS which was unable to crack the .3 mark with a .29 rating

Tuesday 10/5/21 Every soap took dive on Tuesday. First place Y&R fell 10 percent to .65, ’Days of Our Lives’ dropped 20 percent to .35 and GH fell 11 percent to .52. B&B took the biggest hit dropping .12 to a .55 rating from Monday.Every soap took dive on Tuesday. First place Y&R fell 10 percent to .65, ’Days of Our Lives’ dropped 20 percent to .35 and GH fell 11 percent to .52. B&B took the biggest hit dropping .12 to a .55 rating from Monday.

All four hows saw bigger percentage drops in women 18-49 than the older demographic. Y&R dipped the least to .65. B&B and GH fared worse falling 15 percent to .55 and 14 percent to .52 respectively. The biggest drop came for DAYS which tumbled 28 percent from Monday to a .21 rating.

Wednesday 10/6/21 Both CBS soaps rebounded from Tuesday with Y&R back up to the .70 mark (up 8 percent) and B&B up 4 percent (.57). GH fell by almost 40 percent to .32 – the episode was a last-minute repeat, due to the possibility of a news preemption that did not transpire. The low-rated airing of the episode usually would not be counted in the averages. For unknown reasons, the network has either chosen to count the rating, or Nielsen’s rules have decided it does not meet the requirements to be removed from the averages. A similar issue occurred on Labor Day.

Oddly enough GH’s repeat still out-rated DAYS which fell another 12 percent to a .31.In women 18-49, GH fell 35 percent with its repeat to a .21, still good enough to beat Days of Our Lives which fell to its lowest rating of the week, .20. Both CBS soaps did better in the younger demographic with Y&R hitting its weekly high with a .45 and B&B up 9 percent to a .36 rating.

Thursday 10/7/2 In women 25-54, B&B was the only soap to drop slightly, falling .01 to .56. Y&R went up to .71. GH surged from the repeat episode by 65 percent. ’Days of Our Lives’ was up 13 percent to a .35 rating in the demographic.
In women 18-49, Y&R dropped .01 to .44 the second highest episode of the week. GH surged 62 percent to overtake B&B for second place in women 18-49. GH scored .34 while B&B fell 6 percent to .32. DAYS inched up 5 percent to .21 marking the second day in which the third-place soap held a 50 percent or higher advantage in the demographic.

Friday 10/8/2 In the older demographic, Y&R had its worst day of the week, dropping 16 percent to .60 while B&B held up better dropping only 5 percent. However, this was enough for GH to grab second place with a .54 to B&B’s .53. DAYS inched upward as well to a .36 rating, but once again well behind its peers.
In women 18-49, DAYS moved up by 14 percent to .24 and came as close as it did all week to number three. B&B dipped slightly to .31 and still had a wide margin over fourth place. GH fell as well, but managed second place with a .32- and it came pretty close to first as well. Y&R lost a quarter of its audience and fell to a weekly low of .34.


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