Latest Soap opera Ratings: Week of 10/15

Y&R hits season high, GH bounces back, B&B slips slightly, and DAYS inches upwards

Check out last week’s numbers here.

Total Viewers (in millions)This Week%Last Week%Last Year
Young and The Restless3.6271%17%
Bold and The Beautiful2.906-2%6%
General Hospital2.2111%15%
Days of Our Lives1.607-1%5%

Young and the Restless performed well reaching a season-high of 3.627 million viewers this past week. The soap was up 23,000 viewers week to week as the long-awaited (I guess) wedding of Victoria Newman and Ashland, ruiner of cat sanctuaries finally took place. The soap was way up from last year’s 3.097, increasing 19 percent for an additional 530,000 viewers. Y&R has performed incredibly well for the first four weeks of the season increasing each of the last 3 weeks. Season to date, Y&R is averaging 3.551 million viewers, up 512,000 viewers for an increase of 17 percent from last year’s average of 3.039 million viewers.

Y&R got viewers excited with something that used to be the norm: a good old fashioned expensive looking wedding with a variety of guests interacting. The luxury of the Palazzo in Italy (well a pretend version) was a hark back to the luxury we would often see every day on soaps. Among the most exciting for viewers: the return of Summer and Kyle. Always a bonus for soap viewers the couple in question, Victoria and Ashland, actually got married. It paid off for the number one soap opera.

Bold and The Beautiful dipped week to week from a season high of 2.974 million viewers to 2.906 million. The loss of 68,000 viewers from the previous week didn’t cause the soap to lose ground compared to last year. The CBS soap was up 5 percent to 2.774 million, adding 132,000 viewers from last year. Season to date, B&B is averaging 2.923 million viewers so far this season, up 5 percent and 139,000 viewers from last year’s average.

B&B once again slipped while Y&R added viewers- a reversal of last season’s trend that saw B&B closing in on its lead-in. Remember, it was just March of 2020 when B&B did the unthinkable and overtook Y&R for a week at number one. That remains the only week in the last 33 years that another soap besides Y&R held the top spot in total viewers. This week, Deacon Sharpe, played by popular Sean Kanaan, returned and immediately shared scenes with Sheila Carter in an apparent unholy alliance. The fact that numbers did not increase is worrisome. Perhaps fans are still put off by Quinn, Carter and Eric’s gross/offensive storyline?

General Hospital bounced back from last week’s declines, pulling in 2.211 million viewers compared to 2.185 million. Compared to last year, when GH dipped below 2 million viewers , it increased 17 percent and added 277,0000 viewers. So far this season, GH is pulling in 2.271 million viewers, up nearly 350,000 from last year. In fact, GH is up from two years ago by almost 220,000 viewers and is just behind 2018-2019’s first four weeks by 67,000 viewers.

Fans are slowly but surely getting the action packed pay offs to longer building stories. The ABC soap opera is doing quite well so far this season- but can it last? Peter’s recent win over Victor Cassidine- and stealing his Cassidine fortune and resources as well- and escape from the good guys could be a bridge too far. We’ll see how viewers respond as the weeks pass.

Days of Our Lives was down 12,000 viewers from last week to 1.607 million, but up from last year. DAYS averaged just 1.537 million viewers the year before and was up by 70,000 this time around for an increase of 5 percent. So far this season, DAYS is down 4 percent from 1.689 million to 1.620 million viewers season to date.

Peacock is the main venue in which viewers are enjoying the sand running through the hour glass, so the low ratings shouldn’t be an issue. Although some wonder if Marlena’s devil redux is performing as well as the network had hoped.

Week #Young and The RestlessBold and The BeautifulGeneral HospitalDays of Our Lives
Season AVG3.5512.9232.2711.620
%LY STD17%5%18%-4%

In the key demographic of women 18-49, things were less positive for the soaps. Only DAYS showed an increase this week, and it was a minor one. DAYS was up from a .23 to a .25 rating in the demographic and down from last year’s .29 rating. The NBC soap is down by 23 percent year to year and ranks last among the four soaps. GH who saw increases in viewers and the older demographic from last week only matched its score in women 18-49. Although it didn’t decline, the rating is disappointing considering GH aired a last minute rerun that hurt its numbers on Wednesday of that week but aired all originals this week.

Season to date, GH is averaging a .34 rating, down 4 percent from last year’s .35 in the demographic. B&B also dropped, but held second place with a .32 rating. The half hour soap opera is averaging a .35 so far this season and has dropped 5 percent from the .37 rating it held last year.While it did drop this week to a .39, Y&R is in much better shape than its peers in the demographic. Y&R was down just .02 week to week and is averaging a .41 rating, up 1 percent from last year. Y&R is the only soap opera up in all three categories season to date.

Women 18-49This Week%Last Week%Last Year
Young and The Restless0.39-5%-5%
Bold and The Beautiful0.32-9%-14%
General Hospital0.310%-11%
Days of Our Lives0.259%-24%
Week #Young and The RestlessBold and The BeautifulGeneral HospitalDays of Our Lives
Season AVG.
%LY STD1%-5%-4%-23%

In women 25-54, Y&R dipped from last week, but still held a commanding lead in first place. Y&R dipped just .03 from last week to .65 in the demographic. Y&R beat out its nearest competitors by 20 percent. Season to date, Y&R is averaging a .66 rating, virtually tied with last year’s .67 in the demographic. B&B dropped for the second consecutive week in women 25-54 in its tie with the ABC soap. GH was up up 8 percent and .04 from last week’s .50 rating, while B&B dipped .04 from .58 rating.

The two remain in dead heat for the season, with B&B averaging .58 to GH’s .57 rating. However, things are looking brighter for GH with its 1 percent increase compared to B&B’s decline of 12 % from last year. DAYS had a positive week in the demographic moving up to a .38 from last week’s .36 rating. However, the soap was down from last year’s considerably higher .43 rating by 12 percent. The NBC soap is averaging .38 in the demographic for the season so far and is down a troubling 22 percent from this time last year.

Women 25-54This Week % Last Week% Last Year
Young and The Restless0.65-4%-8%
Bold and The Beautiful0.54-7%-17%
General Hospital0.548%-4%
Days of Our Lives0.386%-12%
Week #Young and The RestlessBold and The BeautifulGeneral HospitalDays of Our Lives
LY AVG0.670.650.560.48
%LY STD-2%-12%1%-22%

Check out the daily ratings breakdown from last week here. It’s where you can see how each soap performed in each demographic broken down by day. And you can see how the soaps episodes ranked against one another.


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