Wild Speculation… These Are CRAZY

I don’t usually do this but here are some bonkers theories I have on the following:

Carly and Jason/Nina and Sonny/Jax…and Britt

Carly Loses it When Sonny Rejects His Old Life…

So spoilers are suggesting that Mike will not want to be Sonny ever again. He’ll return to Port Charles, probably want to have a relationship with his kids (Michael especially because of Wiley), but he is dead set against being the man he was otherwise.

Now this is where I start pulling stuff out of my bum. Carly and Jason are getting in over their head with the five families. The Novaks especially since they are in cahoots with Cyrus. Carly is the least skillful decision maker and something tells me she won’t see what is coming. She certainly won’t listen to Jason. Carly will do what she thinks will get Sonny back. No matter how much she trusts Jason, she will believe that Sonny will be Sonny again.

Carly Threatens To Kill Nina, Sonny Won’t Have it

Jason will explain that whatever happened to Sonny is just like what happened in his accident all those years ago. Carly may even get some surprise emotional support from Monica. Her mother in law knows all too well the pain of a loved one not remembering you and rejecting their old life. Carly is stubborn and will likely make overtures to Sonny to reclaim his life. Carly will also lash out at Nina- possibly even try to kill her.

Sonny Pulls A Brenda to Save Nina

Fearing the worst, Sonny will do the one thing he thinks would work to keep Nina safe. Old Sonny would try to kill Carly but new Sonny will try to get rid of her as any upstanding person would of any criminal. Sonny will agree to wear a wire to get incriminating evidence on Carly and Jason, just like Brenda did to Sonny all those year ago.

Now Brenda believed Sonny was innocent. She thought she could prove it and in the end she saw a side of Sonny she could never unsee when he caught her and lost it. Remember it was Lily Rivera who overheard the wire plot and tipped Sonny off, effectively ending his romance with Brenda and setting up his marriage to Lily.

Jax Begs Nina to Leave PC to Save Her Life

Jax will likely be in a tailspin, both furious with Nina but also terrified that Carly will try to kill her. Jax will try to get Nina to leave town to keep her from getting whacked by Carly. Nina will tell him Sonny is taking care of it, leading Jax to believe that Sonny will try and kill Carly.

Nina Will Spill The Truth to Jax

Nina will convince him that everything is fine and let slip that Sonny is planning to take care of Carly. Either Jax will fear Sonny is planning to kill Carly and he does to intervene or- and I think this is just like the characters involved- Jax believes that’s what Nina means. Nina will then let it slip that Sonny is wearing the wire. Jax has done a lot to keep Carly from jail so far and with Nina in love with Sonny- he will do it again.

Jax Pulls a Lily…

Jax wouldn’t let Carly go to jail for the whole Nelle falling off a cliff debacle and was willing to lie about Nelle being Nina’s child. All to protect the mother of his child. Jax will do the same thing again and tip Carly or Jason off about the truth.

Or does Britt?

Oddly enough, Britt hasn’t gotten pregnant after sleeping with Jason and then Jax. Will she find out she is pregnant during the whole wedding disaster of it all. Is it Jason’s or Jax’s baby? Will she fear Jason will guarantee her a life of constant death threats from Carly or his enemies and say its Jax’s baby? Or will she learn the truth from Nina or Jax about the wire, and will Britt prove her loyalty to Jason by tipping him.off. Or will she show some love for Nina and her child’s safety by letting it play put?

Esme Prince is ———-?

So this one is really getting pulled out of my rear end. But I have been thinking who could this girl be related to that would have just as much of an oomph as her father, Ryan Chamberlain. Now it’s likely her mother is dead- but she may not be. And since Ryan has always had a thing for blondes and Esme is a jerk.

I can only think of two women who could fit the profile as Esme’s mother:

Potential Mother #1: Faith Roscoe

Remember this psycho? We all saw her die back in 2005 in the bloodbath of a shootout that also claimed AJ’s life the first time around. But who ever stays dead? Plus she was a psychotic blonde right up Ryan’s alley and her mob ties might give Esme more reason to have a bone to pick with Ava. Now I think chances are tiny that this will be the case but it’s not called wild speculation for nothing.

Potential Mother # 2: Cassandra Pierce

Now this is something I think may be possible. Cassandra Pierce didn’t have anything to do with Ava, but she did have a lot to do with Nikolas And Valentine. Could she be using Ryan to lure Ava away from Nikolas to set the stage for Cassandra’s return? Is she doing the dirty work for her mother by weaseling her way into Spencer’s heart? Cassandra was not somebody who I’d put anything past. Could Esme be the love child of Cassandra Pierce and Ryan Chamberlain?

What you guys think?

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