GH Spin-Off Idea #2: Port Charles Invader

GH Spin-Off Idea #2: Port Charles Invader

The logo for the fictional new outlet on General Hospital, The Invader

Thanks to Days: Beyond Salem, the five-part limited-series unique event spin-off from Days of Our Lives debuting this week, all I can think about are potential spin-offs of General Hospital. I know the likelihood that any of these will become a reality, but who knows, maybe somebody at ABC/DISNEY/HULU will get inspired. Soap operas are unique in their endless story potential, and the one thing all viewers have in common is speculating what will happen next. What’s even better than story speculation? It’s pie-in-the-sky spin-off speculation. Here is the second in a series, of my ideas for spin-offs of General Hospital:

Port Charles Invader

Lexi Ainsworth as Kristina Davis
Lexi Ainsworth as Kristina Davis
Kim Delaney as Jackie Templeton
Kim Delaney as Jackie Templeton

Format: 13 one-hour episodes, Streaming on Hulu/Disney+


  • Kim Delaney as Jackie Templeton
  • Lexi Ainsworth as Kristina Davis
  • Bradford Anderson as Damien Spinelli
  • Kelly Monaco as Sam Morgan (recurring)
  • Chad Duell as Michael Corinthos (recurring)

Premise: The Invader is the hottest paper in Port Charles. With Jackie Templeton, a world-famous investigative journalist at the helm, it will be the biggest provider of digital news content. With Damien Spinelli as the genius behind making her vision of the news digital-format ready and Kristina Davis, daughter of Sonny Corinthos and Alexis Davis, a struggling blogger, joining her mentor in tackling the news of Port Charles.

Michael Hires Jackie to Lead The Invader

Michael’s first major undertaking of the digital side of Aurora should naturally be the digital versions of the successful print division of the company. With Nina being a touchy area for his family, Crimson wouldn’t be the best place to start. But now that Peter is out of the picture, the Invader is perfectly okay to start.

Michael approaches Jackie Templeton with the proposition of taking over the Invader, with a primary focus on providing digital content. Jackie finds the offer appealing because the Invader offers her a dedicated outlet for her brand of investigative reporting, especially in a digital era. But she declines due to her fear that the time and energy learning the nuts and bolts of running a digital operation would take away from the quality of reporting.

Kristina Gets The Chance of a Lifetime

Michael quickly counters that she wouldn’t have to do that since he already has just the person to translate her vision into a digital format. Michael approaches Spinelli, believing he would fan-boy over Jackie like he did to Brenda Barrett but is shocked to learn that he is not interested. It turns out Spinelli’s hacking work as the Jackal was once the subject of a very unflattering piece by Jackie Templeton.

Sam takes matters into her hands, letting Spinelli she will hurt him if he doesn’t take the job that Michael is offering. Spinelli agrees under the condition that somebody acts as a primary go-between him and Jackie. With their options limited, Sam has an epiphany. No, not Epiphany Johnson- an inspired thought.

Jackie needs somebody that’s a younger version of herself. Someone with tenacity, somebody bold, and not afraid to take chances. Who better than Michael and Sam’s sibling Kristina? It turns out Kristina has been blogging since Dawn of Day and is a huge fan of Jackie Templeton’s work.

Sparks Fly Between Jackie and Kristina

Jackie immediately hits it off with Kristina. The two women are natural partners, with their unique points of view combining to uncover story leads and interview notable residents in Port Charles. To make things more accessible for fans, keep the production costs down, a chunk of each episode could be a clever use of GH episode footage as the two-piece together information, juxtaposing interviews with characters and the actual events that played out in those episodes.

Sometimes Jackie and Kristina will get to the truth; sometimes, there will be more stories to tell. Sometimes they will find themselves in peril. Sometimes the situations are comical and put Spinelli in stressful situations with the lengths they go to in search of the truth. Michael’s only request is that they not get hurt or sued.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a soap opera without a twist: Kristina is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with a legend. But is Kristina only seeing Jackie as a mentor- or something more. We know this wouldn’t be the first time Kristina has found herself attracted to an older woman. You’ll find out on Port Charles: The Invader.

A Fun Look at Port Charles, With A Hint of Danger Lurking Beneath The Surface

While this spin-off will have a whimsical feel to it, something ominous from the past puts Kristina, Jackie, and Spinelli’s life in danger. Was Spinelli responsible for an incident in Port Charles’ history as the Jackal? Does he even know? As the product of a one-night stand between Mikkos Cassidine’s illegitimate daughter and the head of the Corinthos crime family, Kristina’s family has always worried for her safety. Will her high-profile role with the Invader make that fear a reality? Jackie did a piece on Dawn of Day years ago and found no wrongdoing- or did she. Is there more to the story that she never told- or is that a piece she still secretly is investigating a year later?

What do you think about Port Charles Invader

Check back in each day this week for more spin-offs of General Hospital that I think should be made. Leave a comment below!


  1. I apologize for the errors- finding accurate and detailed info on soap storylines is surprisingly tricky. Thank you for the…

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Just here to drop some soap. #GeneralHospital #GH60 #SoapOperas #SoapToons #LoveinTheAftertoon

Just here to drop some soap. #GeneralHospital #GH60 #SoapOperas #SoapToons #LoveinTheAftertoon

  1. I apologize for the errors- finding accurate and detailed info on soap storylines is surprisingly tricky. Thank you for the…

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