GH Spinoff Idea #5: W.S.B


13 one-hour episodes on Hulu/Disney Plus

Spinoff Idea #5: W.S.B



  • Caitlin Reilly as Annie Donely
  • Anthony Montgomery as Andre Maddox
  • Jack Wagner as Frisco Jones
  • (voice of) Sharon Wyatt as Tiffany Donely
  • Finola Hughes as Anna Devane/Alex Marrick
  • Tristian Rogers as Robert Scorpio
  • Emma Samms as Holly Sutton
  • Charles Shaughnessy as Victor Cassidine
  • And many, many more…

(False) Memories of the WSB

The World Security Bureau, better known as the WSB, is an international spy organization that operates independently of world governments. The influence and impact of the organization are the stuff of legend in Port Charles. The men and women who have served as agents for the WSB are among the most famous and beloved characters of General Hospital. The stories they have told shaped the history of the city of Port Charles on ‘General Hospital’. However, the same account has taught us that the agents of the WSB are intentionally duplicitous and unreliable narratives.

Sean Donely, former head of the WSB, began to question many of these stories- even some of his memories. Sean spent the last of his years grappling with the mystery before he passed away. Now his daughter, Annie Donely, has stumbled upon evidence that might prove his suspicions correct. But with evil Victor Cassidine back at the helm of the organization and Agent Annie Donely has a new mission: convincing Victor can be trusted by locating and apprehending the former head of the WSB, Frisco Jones. Unbeknownst to Victor is that Annie is working with Frisco to find the answers her father had been seeking. Frisco has given up on trusting his memories- but not on his instincts.

Annie Donely and Frisco Jones Team Up with Dr. Andre Maddox

Annie and Frisco will rely on each other and their WSB training:

  • Flatter your mark, get them on your side – everyone responds well to a compliment.
  • Get the spot to do you a favor – they will see it as bonding and favor now owed.
  • Slowly turn the conversation – to the point you’re investigating, continuing the flattery.
  • Tee the mark up – to bring them around to agree with you. Catch them in a lie – to find the truth. “

These tactics help them navigate the investigation as they interrrogate WSB operatives past and present. Aiding in their efforts is an unlikely ally: Dr. Andre Maddox. As man responsible for the memory mapping program at the heart of Annie and Frisco’s investigation, Andre wants to right the wrongs caused by it. But canthey trust the man behind the technology that has sent the safety of the world into jeopardy? And just what will become of Annie if Victor finds out the truth?

Sharon Wyatt Provides Voice of Tiffany Donely Once Again

Their investigation is aided by the meticulous and detailed notes by an agency outsider who had unparalleled access to WSB records. With her first-hand knowledge of many of the events in question, and a memory untouched by Maddox’s program is Annie’s mother Tiffany Donely. The journalist kept extensive voice recordings of her experiences over the past four decades. Viewers will relive the past with footage from classic episodes of GH, additional footage of reenactments narrated by Tiffany (voiced by Sharon Wyatt reprising her role), and all the action-packed fun of the 80s with a 21st century feel.


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