GH Spinoff Idea #6: The Port Charles Guide with Lucy Coe


Based on book ‘The Travelers Guide To Port Charles: When To Go, Where To Live, Who to Love, Who To Never Ever Cross, In America’s Most Dramatic City’ By Lucy Coe.

The Guide To Port Charles with Lucy Coe

Weekly half-hour mockumentary series.

Starring Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe

The series takes viewers on an in-depth tour of Port Charles. The book was “written” by Lucy Coe, so why not have it hosted by the author as well. In episode, viewers follow Lucy Coe as she shares her whimsical musings on the bustling mid-sized city in Upstate New York at the center of so much drama.

Informative for New Viewers, a Treat for Long-time Fans

Each episode tours a specific location like Kelly’s Diner, The Metrocourt, the docks, etc. Lucy’s tour would be ccompanied with interviews of current prominent Port Charles residents and the occasional special guest sharing their perspective. Most of the show would rely on footage from some of General Hospital’s most memorable moments with Lucy’s narration. Throwing in some faux advertisements for local Port Charles businesses would also be a fun idea.

Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe

Low Budget Enough to Produce, Not Cheap Enough to Shortchange Audiences
Who wouldn’t want to watch a half-hour mockumentary-style series highlighting the ins and outs of Port Charles? It’s fresh and funny. It’s also budget-conscious. The series couldn’t cost more than a fraction of a GH episode. The production costs of GH are already incredibly low at $175,000 for each hour-long episode. Narrated archival footage of classic episodes and an interview on the set couldn’t cost more than $75,000 an episode to produce. The network could produce 52 weekly episodes a year for the cost one month of GH episodes (20-25 episodes). That would still be less than or equivalent to a single episode of a prime time series on ABC.

Visit Other ABC Daytime Locales

As a bonus for ABC soap fans, Lucy Coe can host multi part episodes that can take a look at some of the network’s greatest soap operas. A tribute to All My Children with Lucy touring Pine Valley’s history with guest Erica Kane (Susan Lucci). How about delving into Llanview’s history with former mayor Dorian Lord (Robin Strasser). Maybe even a true crime investigation of the Loving Murders in Corinth with longtime resident Ava Rescott (Lisa Peluso). Even an episode Devoted o New York City with Sydney Chase (Morgan Fairchild) from The City and Delia Ryan (Ilene Kristen) from Ryan’s Hope.

Add in Extended Recaps and Spoilers

Throw in extended recaps involving certain characters and destinations and some spoilers and speculation and make the show an hour-long- you got yourself some free promotion for General Hospital that viewers will gladly watch.


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