Back Story:
Jason and Sam take off by motorcycle and end up in a Chinese restaurant. Although The restaurant is closed, the grandson of the owner expresses interest in Jason’s bike and invites them to come in and to eat. The couple sat down for dinner and began to share the story of their romance and the stress of the wedding planning. Jason says if it were up to him, he’d marry Sam right there. It just so happens the they were speaking to an ordained minister and could be married as long as they had their license. Jason happened to have the license in his pocket as Sam wondered if it was fate that brought them there. They couple ask the man to marry them that very moment. About on the patio of the restaurant, the minister tells Jason he is standing under the dragon, a symbol of strength and Sam is under the Phoenix, the goddess of all wind creatures. Together they symbolize perfect balance. Jason pulls out Lila’s ring and Sam pulls out Alan’s ring and exchanged their vows in a very touching moment. Later, the two would exchange the statues as mementos of the night they officially got married.

Win The Dragon and Phoenix

All you have to do to enter is come to this blog, comment on one of the blogs and send out a link to http://www.mydaytimetrauma.com. That’s it. You can improve your chances of winning by commenting on a different blog post or tweeting the link once a day. You can only do that once a day for it to count, but if you really like the posts and the site, feel free to share as much as you would like.

Go to http://www.mydaytimetrauma.com

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Leave a comment.

Tweet a link to mydaytimetrauma.com with the hashtags #GH #soaptwitter #JaSam

And then you have entered the contest.

You can improve your odds by:

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And that’s it.

The contest is ending on June 15th and the winner will be announced by June 20th in a blog post and on twitter. Feel free to tweet @mydaytimetrauma with any questions!

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