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Monday, April 26, 2021


Anna comes clean with Maxie.

Finn feels helpless.

Chase looks forward to a bright future with Willow

Olivia confides in Dante.

Brook Lynn asks for help


Anna clues Maxie in on exactly how far Peter’s latest dick move has gone.

Finn feels helpless because he doesn’t want to let his brother/son die. At least not in the first month since he became his father!

Poor poisoned Chase seems to be keeping it together only for Willow. I’m surprised Willow has found it easy to lie to Chase after she put him through it over the whole fake affair. Welcome to the Hypocrite Club, Willow. Don’t worry; your mother-in-law isn’t just a member; she’s the president.

What exactly does Olivia tell Dante? It does not matter because Brooklyn needs an assist in her scam, like now!

Brooklynn just now realizes that a pregnancy plot will need a baby at some point. Thank God she isn’t in charge of a child yet.

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